Buying Power Lowers Cost

Lowering Premiums

Below are recent examples of how employers saved thousands of dollars:

Medical Facility:
Medical center in Southeast Missouri:
Number of employees: 200
Annual Savings on Group health premiums: $ 125,000. Our annual premium savings was $625 per employee.

Logistics Company:
Logistics Management Company in St. Charles County, Missouri:
Number of employees: 45
Annual Savings on workers compensation expense: $ 32,000. This is $711 savings per employee per year.

Commercial Fence Installation Company  in Southern Illinois:
Number of employees: 20
Annual Savings on workers compensation expense: $9,900. Annual savings on group health insurance:  $12,000

No business too small or too large.

The concept is simple. The more volume you are buying, the more buying power you have. The large employer with 5,000 employees obviously has more buying power than the company with 50 employees. The big company gets better pricing on workers compensation, group health insurance, payroll processing, etc. 

Imagine how much you could save if you had the buying power of the largest companies in your industry. StreetSmart aggregates the insurance premiums and payrolls of hundreds of small to medium-sized business through an industry-specific Professional Employer Organization (PEO).  This brings the buying power equal to that of Fortune 500 companies to your company.