Control Cash Flow

Lower Group Health Premiums = Improved Cash Flow: Having a PEO’s fortune 500 health plan at lower cost is like giving you and your employees a raise.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: PEOs aggregate hundreds of employers (with thousands of employees) under one master work comp policy for buying power.

Cash is king in a growing company

  • By joining a PEO’s group health plan you are part of a large group and therefore enjoy the buying power of a large company.  Your company is no longer rated as a small employer. 
  • The PEO protects you and your employees from volatile group health rate increases.  Quality health plans at affordable rates help you attract and keep good employees.
  • Workers’ compensation premium down payments have a big impact on cash flow.  With our PEO programs you keep that money in your bank – no down payment.
  • The StreetSmart Solution combines workers’ compensation premiums with payroll.  This Pay-as-You-Go plan allows your premiums to float with the level of your payroll.  When work is slow there are no large monthly payments.
  • With a StreetSmart Solution you eliminate untimely Work Comp Premium Audits that put you at the mercy of the insurance carrier auditor. Audits can involve a great deal of your staff’s valuable time and they rarely produce results in your favor.